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From day to day money and data are ever more closely linked. This development is called, “Data-Network-Activity.” In the past making purchases meant using money in an exchange of a certain amount of economic value. Today it also means an exchange of relevant data on who purchased what, when, where, and how it was taxed. Businesses already profit from this richness of available data.

Governments, Tax administrations and payment systems are still lagging behind. The access to this data allows for better financial crisis response, smarter tax compliance and market risk management. The proactive approach is possible, and governments can plan and intervene at earlier stages rather after the crisis is obvious.

Analysis of TCT data can provide behavioural insights to better understand how the economy performs. All this offers an opportunity to design practical policies and interventions to improve the liquidity of the economy and increase the welfare of citizens. Discover more: use the data available to protect the economy and the welfare of the citizens.



Trade credit holds information about obligations and trust between market participants.

When markets are disturbed this trust can be used to mitigate the liquidity crunch and avoid unnecessary insolvencies.

This prevents the forceful exits of companies due to sudden interruption of their business activity and contributes towards a quick economic recovery.


Liquidity-Saving through Obligation-Clearing and Mutual Credit: An Effective Monetary Innovation for SMEs in Times of Crisis

Mathematical Foundations for Balancing the Payment System in the Trade Credit Market

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